About FIFO

FIFO’s inception comes from a very simple idea of using contemporary technology to bring simplicity, optimization & transparency to the procurement system for HORECA businesses in KSA.

Our aim is to link everyone in the food supply industry and make it more efficient, creating a ripple effect that can help everyone from hotels, restaurants, caterers, cafes, home based & cloud kitchens.

By focusing on integration of new technologies, innovative processes, & best in class service level within FIFO, we feel that we can improve our platform in a way that benefits all parties involved in the HORECA ecosystem, resulting in better pricing, and creating transparency across the value chain.

Our Core Objectives

Create Values

Build Impact & Expertise

Drive Sustainability & Growth

Continuously Innovate


FIFO is a user-friendly webstore & mobile application accessible across multiple platforms (Web, Android, and iOS)

FIFO uses data analytics to provide key matrices and informative dashboards to our users, both buyers and suppliers, to help them make better informed operational decisions With 5,000+ featured products categorized in an efficient and intuitive manner for our users’ browsing convenience, FIFO will be one of a kind procurement platforms for HORECA business in KSA.

Our range of assortment shall include edible as well as non-food items to cater to all the needs of our buyers. The edible range is augmented by products from specialty food service suppliers. The non-food items cover cleaning and packaging products as well as food processors and machines